Size Chart & Measurments Information

  1. Availability and specifications of items may change. Please check with us about the availability of items and any changes to specifications before ordering. 

  2. Due to differences in computer viewing/printing quality, the colour shown here may vary from the colour of the actual product. 

  3. Due to the nature of the goods and services, reasonable tolerances and variations in the styles, quality, sizes, finishes, weight, measurements, fabrics, materials, designs, patterns, shades, tints, colours, shrinkage and other specifications of the goods and services may occur.

  4. Customers are encouraged to obtain samples of goods and services before each order as tolerances and variations may also occur between orders.

Reasonable tolerances and variations in styles, colours, finishes, sizes, measurements, weights and other specifications may occur between  different brands.

In line with generally accepted industry practices, a 5% tolerance in sizes, measurements and weights should be allowed for when placing your order.

Most products will have size charts displayed in the description and can be used as a guide. If a specific product doesn't have a size chart or need further information please contact us.