Why Buy Vibration Protective Safety Work Gloves?

Why Buy Vibration Protective Safety Work Gloves?

If your employees work with vibrating equipment or machinery a lot, then you have to take steps to give them additional safety protection. Excessive exposure to vibrations can lead to various types of medical problems in the fingers, hands and arms.

You may already have brought in some measures to protect your workers, such as buying low-vibrating equipment or limiting the time people work under these conditions. To make things more comfortable for them, you can also give them specialist vibration protective work gloves.

How do these gloves work and what are the benefits of using them? Keep reading to learn how your company and employees can benefit.

What are vibration protective work gloves?

Some designs of work gloves mitigate against the effects of vibration in a working environment; these are vibration protective work gloves. Unlike regular work gloves, which allow vibrations to pass through to the hands and arms, these gloves give more protection.

For example, anti-vibration gloves are typically more padded than regular ones. They have additional reinforced areas around the palms, fingers and thumbs. Some products use vibration-absorbing foams or fibres for this purpose; others use regular padding. Air-pocket and gel designs also do the same job.

These gloves work on a simple principle. They aim to absorb and damp down vibrations from a piece of equipment or a machine. They can block some of them and prevent them from transferring to a worker's hands.

Anti-vibration gloves come in various grades. Some gloves give basic protection against low-grade vibrations. Others are designed to work with heavy impact equipment, such as pneumatic tools.

What are the advantages of vibration protective gloves?

If your workers use any kind of equipment or machinery that vibrates, then specialist gloves give you the following benefits.

Protects against medical problems

If you add anti-vibration gloves to your broader health and safety measures, then you give your workers more protection. You reduce the chance of people suffering from sonic repetitive injuries and conditions.

Plus, as well as absorbing vibrations, these gloves help keep the hands warm. If employees’ fingers get numb and cold when working with vibrating equipment, then they’re more likely to develop long-term problems. Thermal linings help keep the hands warm and in better condition.

Protects against accidents

Workers who operate vibrating equipment for long periods might end up with numbness, fatigue or stiffness in the hands and fingers. If someone has reduced mobility, then they are more likely to have accidents. If they can't grip, keep a firm hold or feel their fingers, then they might not be able to control the equipment they are using.

Anti-vibration gloves give a close and flexible fit. If you buy ergonomically designed products, then the gloves give better support and comfort to the hands and fingers.

Protects your business

If your workers suffer from hand-arm problems, then you could face high turnover for the related positions. Your employees might also not be able to work for long periods; some might not be able to do their normal jobs at all.

If you give people extra protection, then you don't just look out for their health and keep them on the job. With the right safety equipment, you can reduce the chance of workplace injuries and unsafe conditions, and you're less likely to have to deal with compensation claims.

To learn more about vibration protective work gloves and the benefits of using them for your employees, contact Ace Workwear. Our staff is knowledgeable on vibration protection gloves, and we can help you choose the right gloves for your company and equipment so you can give your workers more protection.

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