Marketing at Races: What You Can Provide

Marketing at Races: What You Can Provide

A race is a great opportunity to market your company or brand. A race often has a specific theme or cause, so if you want to ensure that racers and spectators know your commitment to that theme, then advertising your brand at that race is a perfect way to do that. Discover the various ways you can market at a race.

With participant marketing supplies

Provide free supplies to every person who races with your company or brand logo. You can give participants items like water bottles, t-shirts, jackets or hats to keep them warm, ventilated or hydrated throughout the race. This benefits them as they race and benefits you with the marketing opportunities it can bring.

You have the option of handing out supplies at the beginning of a race or at stops throughout the race, especially if this is a longer race. Either way, many people will get exposure to your company or brand, giving you the opportunity to answer questions or get new leads.

With team marketing supplies

Do you plan to market at a race where specific employees from your company will participate as a team? If so, give your team specific products to wear and enjoy that can benefit them and market your company at the same time.

For example, your team could all wear matching t-shirts that showcase your company or a specific company component like a logo or tagline. That way, the team is easily identifiable, and people can discover your company and ask more about it.

With race marketing supplies

Do you plan to host the race yourself? If so, you can market your race with all types of supplies. Besides offering supplies to participating racers or teams, you can also market the race with everything from umbrellas to rain coats & jumpers.

With crowd marketing supplies

Besides the people who race themselves, you can also market to the race spectators. They might be there for hours, cheering on and motivating the race participants, so provide them with the right supplies they need to spend the day being a support to the participants.

For example, you might provide anything from umbrellas to water bottles, as mentioned above. However, if the race is on a warm, sunny day, you could provide sunscreen, hats or sunglasses. If the race is on a colder day, you might want to offer items like beanies or jackets so spectators will not get cold. You might even offer free bags for spectators to put their items in.

Get your customised race marketing supplies from Ace Workwear. We offer a wide selection of personalised products that will bring exposure to your company, whether for a race or other event. Whether you want company logos, symbols or brands on an item, we have the experience and products to help.

Contact us today to learn more and see what products we can supply to you for your next race. We look forward to speaking with you about your exact marketing needs are and answering any questions you have. You can find what you need with Ace Workwear.

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