5 Reasons to Custom Print Your Hard Hats

5 Reasons to Custom Print Your Hard Hats

If you're about to order a new set of hard hats, then you'll likely spend most of your time sourcing safe and robust products. Rather than simply buying plain off-the-shelf hats, you can also add printing to an order.

Hard hats have space for logos, contact details and messages on the front, back and sides. While this may not seem essential, you have various benefits to custom printing these hats. What are they?

1. Tap into a new way of branding

All businesses benefit from branding. If your workers wear custom-printed workwear, such as t-shirts and hi-vis clothing, then you already know that getting your name out there matters. People notice workwear branding; it increases your company's visibility both within your industry and with the general public.

Hard hats give you a new way of getting your branding out there. If your workers wear custom-printed hats, then your business imprints on anyone who see the hats.

You could get your name in front of potential business contacts and people working in the industry who might approach you for a job in the future. Investing in custom printing makes your company look more professional.

Placing your brand on a hat also increases its noticeability. If someone talks to one of your crew, then they look at their face. They'll then also see the hat and any message you put on it.

2. Create a permanent message

Some companies use custom stickers to add branding to off-the-shelf hard hats. This isn't a great solution in the long-term. A sticker may look good to start with, but it won't take long until it starts to peel away. It'll get dirty and scuffed, and it will look scruffy. This doesn't do much for your image.

Plus, stickers could affect the life of your hard hats. Adhesive chemicals could damage the surface. This isn't an issue with custom printing on to the hat itself. It gives you a permanent solution that won't compromise a hard hat's safety.

3. Reinforce safety messages

You get four places to print on a hard hat. So, you can use one or more of the slots for a different kind of message. For example, you could put your logo on the front and back and use the sides for safety messages.

These could be general messages, like reminders to wear a hard hat, or you can be more specific. For example, you could put a COVID-19 message on the side of each hat reminding people to keep their distance.

4. Identify your workers more easily

If you work on-site with lots of different contractors, then you might find it hard to find your crew. If everyone on-site wears the same hard hats, then picking out your workers might be hard.

If you use printed hard hats, then your crew always stand out. You can also use this printing to highlight skills and specialisms. For example, you can add team names or job designations to hats. Or, you can print first aid signs on hats worn by your trained first aiders.

5. Reduce your loss costs

If your hard hats are plain, then they are easily lost. Your workers could put a hat down for a while and then lose it. Someone else could think the hat is theirs and walk off with it. Nobody will know whom a lost hat belongs to if someone leaves one behind.

You may have to spend more than you like on replacing lost hats to make sure all your workers have protection when they need it. If you use custom printing, then your workers will often lose fewer hats. People might even let you know if they pick up a lost hat that has your details on it.

To learn more, contact Ace Workwear and ask about our high-quality pad printing options for hard hats.

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