4 Reasons to Buy Trucker Caps for Your Drivers

4 Reasons to Buy Trucker Caps for Your Drivers

If you want to buy some branded workwear for your drivers, then caps are a good option. What are the advantages of giving out trucker caps to your drivers?

1. Increase road safety

The conditions your drivers work in affect their safety. For example, if they have to drive in hot and sunny weather for long periods, then their health and safety on the road might suffer.

If drivers have to squint to see when the sun shines into their cabs, then they might get more frequent headaches or suffer from tired eyes and eyestrain. Plus, if a driver can't see clearly on the road because the sun is in their eyes, then they are more likely to have accidents. Direct sunlight and reflected glare can stop them from getting a clear view of the road ahead. They could easily have accidents.

Trucker caps help protect your drivers' health and safety. The cap's bill shades the eyes, as it cuts out direct sunlight and glare. So, your drivers will usually feel more comfortable and better able to focus on the road.

2. Get more comfortable caps

While regular baseball caps also give sun protection, they aren't always comfortable to wear. Some of your drivers might prefer not to wear them on hot days, as the caps can make their heads and hair feel hot and sweaty.

Trucker caps win out here. While these caps look like regular baseball caps, they aren't made from the same materials. The top of the cap and the bill look like standard baseball caps; however, the sides and sometimes the back of the caps are made from mesh.

This mesh ventilates the cap. It allows heat and sweat to escape away from the head. Your drivers will find these caps cooler and more comfortable to wear. The drivers are more likely to wear them and to take advantage of their health and safety benefits.

3. Benefit from a one-size-fits-all solution

If you want to give your workers branded workwear, then you might worry about the cost of kitting your entire workforce out in clothes. You'll have to decide which items to use. You might have to place multiple small orders in different sizes to get something that fits everyone. If you employ drivers of various genders, then you might need to buy different products for each gender.

Trucker caps are a more cost-effective solution. Caps are often less expensive than clothes. They are also unisex, so they'll work with drivers of all genders and ages. Plus, these caps fit just about anyone's head. You don't have to buy different sizes.

All these factors make it easier to place larger orders at more economical prices. You can also often negotiate discounts for bulk orders. So, your workwear costs will be more manageable.

4. Get effective branding options

While corporate branding works well on other items of clothing, you might not get the full marketing reach you expect. Your drivers might not wear branded clothing such as jackets all the time on their jobs. They might cover over logoed t-shirts and shirts with their own sweaters or jackets.

If you want to use your company name and logo on workwear, then trucker caps give you a cost-effective way of marketing your brand. You can embroider or print on the front of your caps. This is a very effective eye-level placement.

Plus, drivers usually keep their caps on both in and out of their cabs. Your name and logo won't be covered up. So, more people will see your company branding.

To find out more about trucker caps and how to add branding to them, contact Ace Workwear.

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