4 Primary Considerations When Selecting Cleaning Products for Your Business

4 Primary Considerations When Selecting Cleaning Products for Your Business

With the ever-widening range of cleaning products in the marketplace, choosing among them as a cleaning business owner can be daunting and overwhelming.

However, you cannot afford to rush your purchase decisions because only the appropriate cleaning arsenal can guarantee professional cleaning results. Quality cleaning jobs make you stand out from the local competition, increasing your growth prospects.

Consider the following factors to find the best cleaning products for your business.

1. The main ingredients in cleaning products

Not all cleaning products are created equal. They rely on different primary ingredients to deliver cleaning action. 

Before stocking your cleaning products, check the labelling for information on the ingredients used to make them. Some common ingredients in cleaning products include acids, alkalines, water, spirit solvents, disinfectants, sanitisers and abrasives.

These product ingredients do not react the same way when used on different materials and surfaces. For example, water-based cleaning products may work well on tile floors but can cause hardwood floors to rot. Acidic cleaners are ideal for eliminating mineral build-up on metal surfaces.

Knowing which product ingredients are suitable for every job is a crucial first step in achieving a quality clean.

2. The environmental impact of cleaning products

While your primary goal is to maximise profits in business, you should care about how your business decisions affect the environment. 

Many commercially available cleaning products contain toxic substances like volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can harm the environment when released into the air. As people and businesses become increasingly aware of the potential environmental hazards associated with various cleaning products, they will want to know which products you use in your cleaning tasks.

Although most environmentally friendly cleaning products tend to be pricey, they are an excellent way to show prospective clients your desire and commitment to running an eco-conscious business. 

3. The fragrances in cleaning products

When clients hire you to clean their premises, they do not expect you to leave any strong or unpleasant odours behind. 

Cleaning products with fragrances can enhance your user experience while making your clients' premises smell nice for longer. However, everyone has a unique sense of smell. Consequently, a scent that appears mild and pleasant to you could be repelling to others.

Use odour-free cleaning products unless you are absolutely sure about the fragrances you should use. 

4. The price of cleaning products

Like other products available in the marketplace, cleaning products come in a range of prices to reflect differences in quality and effectiveness.

While you can save money on cleaning inventory purchases by opting for cheap products, you should resist the temptation. Low-priced cleaning products can hurt your business, especially if they point to inferior quality.

When purchasing cleaning supplies for your business, avoid making decisions based on prices alone. Choose products that offer the best combination of quality and price—do a little research to determine what local businesses charge for their products. That way, you can know how much you should expect to spend on your cleaning supplies purchases.

At Ace Workwear, we recognise the difficulty in finding the perfect cleaning supplies for your business. From washroom supplies, cleaning chemicals and hygiene products to wipes and scourers, we keep a large inventory of cleaning materials, supplies and equipment so you can get everything you need under one roof.

Of course, you don't need to take all cleaning products to every job. You only need to carry what you need for the job.

Contact our sales team to discuss the products you need to run your business smoothly and successfully. You can trust us to meet your needs, whatever they may be.

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