Top PPE to Use When Working on Vehicles

Top PPE to Use When Working on Vehicles

Vehicle repairs are a constant occurrence, whether you own a car or body shop. You can take several precautions to protect yourself from various hazards. The best way of protecting yourself when performing vehicle repairs is to have the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE).

Most PPE for such a process are inexpensive, easy to use and effective in protecting you when performing repairs. This piece presents a list of essential PPE you can purchase for use when doing vehicular maintenance tasks.


In general, gloves help keep your hands clean and reduce the chances of germs getting to your skin. However, specialised gloves perform different roles in engineering and are essential in these scenarios.

You can purchase cut-resistant gloves when handling sharp objects such as metal components for a conversion project. Cut-resistant gloves can prevent the metals and other materials from puncturing your skin and allowing germs and chemicals to enter your bloodstream.

Another common type of PPE is PVC chemical gloves. These gloves can protect you against dermatitis and skin irritation. PVC chemical gloves perform better than barrier creams but can also act as supplements to them. These gloves can also prevent you from accidentally ingesting synthetic hydrocarbons, oils and other poisonous fluids in your vehicle.

You can also purchase heat-resistant gloves when working in hot areas in your vehicle. For example, engine and transmission parts can get hot when running. Some fluids are also dangerously hot and can burn your skin. Therefore, ensure you wear heat-resistant gloves before performing repairs on any hot section.

Safety shoes

Many items pose severe threats to your legs when working around the vehicle. Safety shoes protect your legs from burns, cuts, impact and punctures. Depending on the kind of vehicle projects or repair processes you conduct, you can get different versions of safety shoes for use at your shop.

Safety shoes are also essential in preventing slips and falls. When working with vehicles, these accidents are common since you might pour oil on the floor or transmission fluid. The shoes have unique treads that increase friction and prevent such an accident.

Eye protection

Your eyes are another delicate and exposed section of your body you must protect. Working beneath the vehicle is especially dangerous for the eyes since dust, oil, hydraulic fluids and other substances can fall directly inside them. Protective goggles are also essential in preventing hot liquids from splashing into your eyes during repairs. 

If you perform specialised repairs such as welding or cutting, ensure that the goggles you purchase have special eye protection devices. You can buy laser safety glasses, especially if you own laser-measuring equipment or cutting tools at your shop. You can also purchase welding helmets to protect your eyes if you weld or use an angle grinder during the repair process.


Respirators prevent you from accidentally inhaling dangerous substances when working on your car. One of the most hazardous substances in the vehicle is asbestos. Brakes, gaskets and clutches all have asbestos, and you can use a respirator to protect yourself. Even though modern cars and machinery minimise harmful chemicals, the respirator reduces the overall level of exposure, especially for people who work in garages.

Vehicle repairs help keep your vehicle in excellent condition. Personal protective gear will prevent accidents and medical conditions from exposure to dangerous chemicals.

The general rule when buying PPE is to work with experienced dealers that sell high-quality equipment. Ace Workwear is your one-stop PPE shop. Contact us for high-quality PPE that can withstand hazardous working conditions. We look forward to helping you find the right PPE that is perfect for your car repair needs.

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