Hydration Backpacks for Your Construction Crews

Hydration Backpacks for Your Construction Crews

Hydration backpacks are popular with outdoor sport enthusiasts. However, these backpacks are also useful in some work environments. For example, some companies give backpacks to their construction workers when they work on certain types of jobs or sites.

How do hydration backpacks work and what are the advantages of using them?

What are hydration backpacks?

A hydration backpack looks like a regular small rucksack. However, it isn't empty but contains an internal fluid-holding system.

So, each backpack typically contains a removable bladder device and a connecting tube. This tube feeds out of the bladder to the outside of the backpack. It has a drinking valve at its external end which usually sits at shoulder height.

To use the backpack, you take out the bladder and fill it with water or another cold drink. You then put the bladder back in place and connect it to its tube. Once everything is in place, you use the valve at the end of the tube to drink water out of the bladder. If you use a hands-free product, then you can simply dip your head down and put your mouth around the valve to take a drink.

Some hydration backpacks simply store fluids. Others have additional features such as a few pockets for storage.

Why use hydration backpacks on your jobs?

Hydration backpacks have some advantages for construction companies or those that work outdoors. These backpacks could give you the following benefits.

Provide a mobile water supply on difficult jobs

If your crews work outdoors, then you need to ensure that they have access to drinking water. This isn't always easy.

For example, if you run a large construction site, then your workers might have a long walk to water taps or supplies. If you have tower crane operators on site, then they are stuck up in their cabs with no water access. So, your workers will either have to stop work to go and get a drink or skip drinking as much water as they should. They'll waste time or get too thirsty.

Or, if you have a crew doing road work in a remote area, they might not be close to a water supply. No stores might be around where they can buy water if they forget to carry it with them.

If you give out hydration backpacks, then your workers get their own mobile water supply. They can fill their packs before they set out to work. They then have immediate access to water on the spot in even the most remote location.

Avoid dehydration problems

If your workers are out in the open in hot and sunny conditions, then they will get dehydrated. Hard manual labour makes people sweat more. They lose essential bodily fluids.

If people don't rehydrate by drinking more fluids, then they can suffer from various problems. For example, they might get tired easily, get headaches and feel dizzy and weak.

If one of your crew feels not up to par because they don’t drink enough, then they can't work to full capacity. If they can’t care for themselves, they can’t give you full value for their wages.

If your workers all carry hydration backpacks, then they have something to drink on the job. These backpacks are easy to use even when you work, so people are more likely to have regular drinks. You can even add hydration concentrates to this water to give it an electrolyte boost for extra energy.

Plus, backpacks keep their liquids cool. People often find cold drinks more refreshing. They'll enjoy drinking out of their backpack when they might avoid picking up a bottle of water that has got hot in the back of a truck.

To find out more, contact Ace Workwear. We sell hydration backpacks in different sizes to suit all your job needs. We also stock hydration concentrates if you want to give your workers an extra boost.

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