How to Choose the Best Kit Supplier for Youth Soccer Teams

How to Choose the Best Kit Supplier for Youth Soccer Teams

If you run a youth soccer club, then you need to source kits for your teams. The right kit makes your players feel proud to play for their team and your club. If you provide shirts and shorts for all your teams, then your club's identity also starts to take shape.

Before you choose a kit, ask potential suppliers the following questions. The answers will help you find the right supplier.

How many colour and design options do they offer?

Soccer kit suppliers typically provide a set of colour and design choices when you buy kits. For example, some might have a basic range of single-coloured shirts and shorts. You simply choose the colour you want here.

However, some suppliers have a bigger catalogue. They also sell kits in different designs, like stripes and bands.

Here, you choose a design and then order it in your preferred colour or colours. This is a good option if you want a more customised look that stands out from other kits in your leagues.

How many sizes can they provide?

If you have different age-group teams in your club, then you need to find a kit style that suits different ages. If you run teams from a very young age through to teenagers, then you might need a kit that you can buy in both child and adult sizes.

Bear in mind that your players will come in different shapes and sizes. You should try to kit them out in a uniform that fits them all well. Look for suppliers that sell kits with a unisex cut.

The general fit of your kit matters. Your players might not feel comfortable in shirts and shorts that are too big or too small. If they feel self-conscious in their kits, then they will lose confidence on the pitch.

So, look for suppliers who have a wide range of sizes to cover this and future orders. To get started now, estimate the size of the smallest and largest shirt or pair of shorts you'll need to buy and look for a supplier with a suitable size range.

What are their kits made from?

Soccer team kits shouldn't just look good. They should also last as long as possible and be comfortable to wear.

Your players will get hot and sweaty when they train and play. If you buy kits made from materials that retain sweat and stain easily, then they might not last as long as you want them to. They won't be comfortable to wear.

So, look for materials designed for sports use. For example, polyester fabrics are usually breathable. They wick moisture away from the skin so that players stay cool. They are also lightweight but strong.

Extra features like mesh inserts on key parts of the kit are also good to have. The mesh gives extra ventilation and makes a kit more comfortable to wear.

Can you customise your kits?

While you can buy plain soccer kits with no printing on them, you might want to brand your order. For example, you might want to add squad numbers, your club name and even sponsor logos to your shirts.

If you want to add custom printing, then ask suppliers how they print their items. This can affect how long your kits last and how they look.

You don't want to use printing that starts to peel off shirts as they get older. You don't want prints that fade or start to rub away.

Look for suppliers who use more robust printing techniques. For example, sublimated printing is a good option. This technique embeds ink into the fabric. So, any printing you add to a kit will keep its colour and stay intact for longer.

If you're looking for kits for your soccer club, then contact Ace Workwear. We can supply a range of high-quality team sports uniforms with extra features like sublimated printing.

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