3 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Hi-Vis Work Hoodies

3 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Hi-Vis Work Hoodies

If you want to buy some warmer workwear to keep your employees comfortable on the job in autumn and winter months, then hoodies are a good bet. These garments are easy to put on and take off, and they create a useful extra layer when the weather is cold.

While you can just buy branded hoodies, you should also consider adding hi-vis to the mix. Hi-vis hoodies look after your workers' safety as well as their working temperature.  

Before you look at products, ask yourself the following questions to make sure you choose the best hoodies for your needs.

Does the hoodie comply with hi-vis standards?

If you have to provide hi-vis protection for your workers, then make sure that any workwear you buy complies with relevant standards. Hoodies with some strips of hi-vis colours on them aren’t usually enough.

For example, the clothing should match the visibility standard classes of any jobs your workers will do. If your crew will only work during daytime hours, then hoodies which have a sufficient percentage cover of fluorescent or high-visibility strips or bands on them should meet requirements.

However, if your crews will sometimes work in the evening or at night, then you have to meet a different class of hi-vis standards. You might need to find hoodies that also include reflective tape.

Reflective materials shine in the headlights of approaching cars. The materials keep workers safer because they make it easier for drivers to see them in the dark.

So, if your workers will need to wear their hoodies during the day and at night, then the tops need to contain both fluorescent colours and reflective tape to cover both visibility conditions. If your crew only work at night, then reflective materials are most important.

Is the hoodie safe for your jobs?

Workwear hoodies come in different designs and styles. For example, you can buy over-the-head products or ones that open fully with a zip.

You should think about the design of the hoodie and its features to make sure that it is safe to wear on the jobs you do. You don't want to buy garments that could be a safety risk.

For example, if your crew work at high heights, then features like zips and drawcords can be a concern if they hang loose. Someone might get hurt if the end of a zip or drawcord gets caught when they work off the ground.

Here, you might want to choose hoodies with concealed zips and drawcords. You take loose ends out of the picture, making the garment safer to wear.

Will the hoodie be comfortable to wear?

You don't just have to think about safety elements when you choose hi-vis workwear, but you also need to find products that will be comfortable to wear. If you buy hoodies that aren't comfortable, your workers won't likely want to wear them.

Some people might not wear anything warm when they are cold. As a result, they might lose focus on their work if they aren't warm enough. Or, some people might wear their own hoodie, sweatshirt or sweater. In all these cases, you'll lose hi-vis benefits, and your people might not stay safe.

A good workwear hoodie will be warm without being too hot. It should be easy to put on and take off. Extra features like elasticated sleeves, glove thumb holes and chin guards are nice touches that make the garment fit more comfortably.

People will also often find the hoodies more useful if they have multiple pockets that close securely. Larger pockets can hold small tools, while smaller ones can take mobile phones and pens.

To see some examples of hi-vis cold weather hoodies, contact Ace Workwear. We can help you find the right high-quality workwear for your needs. We can also customise your hoodies by embroidering or printing them with your company name and logo.

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